Rich. Smooth. Indulgent.
Biting into a piece of smooth milk chocolate.  Presenting a pretty box of delicious truffles.  Sharing a silky, dark chocolate tablet with a friend.  Europeans have proven their passion for chocolate time and again. And we’ve been happily indulging that passion with our many luscious chocolate brands – some for more than a century.

As the number one chocolate company in Europe, we provide our consumers with many iconic and most beloved chocolate brands – from Cadbury Dairy Milk, a true British icon… to the Toblerone brand, a symbol of Switzerland… to Côte d’Or, Belgium’s favorite chocolate… to Freia and Marabou, the preferred chocolate brands in Scandinavia. In addition, our Milka brand, known for its unique lilac cow– and one of our billion-dollar brands, has been bringing joy to European consumers since 1901.
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A zest to produce the best
Our people are devoted to putting their energy, creativity and passion into creating the top chocolate brands and products across Europe.

And while we love our traditional products and flavors, we continually seek new ideas for the best quality, unique tastes and textures, as well as handy packaging to meet consumers’ changing needs.
For many years, our teams of chocolate experts have been stirring up tasty ideas at our Chocolate Global Center of Excellence in Bournville, United Kingdom, and our regional research and development centers in Lörrach, Germany. 

We’re also leading the way with our distinctive chocolate packaging.  Consumers across Europe are enjoying the convenience of our re-sealable packages of Milka chocolate tablets, one of our proprietary packaging technologies, allowing consumers to enjoy a piece right away and easily keep the rest fresh for later. This innovative idea and many others are being shared with our chocolate brands across Europe.

Nourishing cocoa’s future
We source high quality cocoa from farmers in the developing world to produce all our delicious chocolate products. So we make substantial investments in helping support and improve their livelihoods as well as maintaining the cocoa supply for generations to come. We’re also the largest buyer of Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified cocoa in the world.  Learn more about our commitment .