Gum and Candy

Colorful and amusing.  Tempting and surprising. 
Our delicious gum and candy brands can add a bit of sweetness to your day. Help you share a moment of fun with friends and family. And even help take your mind off your worries for a bit.

As the number one candy manufacturer and number two gum manufacturer in the world, we’re proud to make so many leading European gum and candy brands enjoyed by so many generations of consumers.

In fact, we have some of the most iconic gum brands in Europe.  In France, consumers can’t get enough of our popular Hollywood gum, introduced in 1952. And in Switzerland and Denmark, sales for our Stimorol gum have been popping since 1956. While our Trident brand is the leading worldwide gum brand, it’s also the number one choice for consumers in Spain, Portugal and Greece.

Many of our candy brands have been long-time consumer favorites, too, like our Maynard’s chewy, fruity candy in the UK created back in 1909. Introduced in the 19th century, our refreshing Halls brand is now the number one candy brand in the world.  Other popular candies include our Bassett's licorice sweets and Jelly Babies, which have brought joy to families in the UK and other countries for more than 100 years. Our Carambar caramel has been enjoyed by generations of French consumers since 1954.

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Sweet on innovation 
We’re like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to creating fun new products, flavors and packaging.

In fact, our team of product and packaging experts at our new Research and Development innovation center in Eysins, Switzerland, has been busy whipping up our latest mouth-watering novelties. Their newest creation is our Fresh & Clean gum, which features a unique granulated powder-filled center. 

And, we’ve given consumers a lot of “firsts” to experience.  We were the first to introduce sugar-free gum to European consumers with our Trident brand in 1975. Just a few years ago, in 2006, we introduced   the first sugar-free centrefill pellets with our brands Trident (Sweet Gum), Hollywood (2 Fresh) and Stimorol (Fusion).  

We’ve also surprised and delighted consumers with new flavors and hip packaging, like in 2005, when we launched our Sphere bottle, for the Stimorol and Trident brands. The launch of our slabs in  2008 under the “Senses” range  across the region  provided our consumers with a new silky gum texture to enjoy. We also listen and learn from consumers to meet their changing needs. For example, we are focused on our Halls candy brand, to fit our consumers’ need for a soothing and refreshing pleasure.   

Many consumers in Europe are looking for more ways to support good oral care. And scientific research continues to show how sugar-free gum can provide a range of dental benefits. With only three calories per piece, sugar-free gum also is a great low-calorie treat for the many consumers watching their waist lines. That’s why more than 80 percent of our gum business consists of sugar-free products. Consumers asked… and we delivered.